Barrel Select Chesapeake Bay Retrievers


Next Generations Cost of Living "Livee"

(CH* Next Generations Ironwoods Walnut MH QA2 WDQ "Wally" X Next Generation Wolf Moon Dance "Soadie")

Livee is the baby of the house just joining the family in April of 2020 - our quarantine puppy ;).  

She has been having fun learning all the different things out there from field work to show to obedience and we're looking forward to seeing what her future is going to bring.

So far she has shown to be very birdy, highly active, and very quick to learn new things. Stay tuned for updates on this little girl.

Livee's Health Clearances: All Pending




DM: Carrier

EIC: Normal/Clear

PRA: Normal/Clear

ED: Normal/Clear



Long Coat: Normal/Clear