Barrel Select Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Big Red


HIPS: Good (CB-9909G26m-VPI)

ELBOWS: Normal (CB-EL1927M26-VPI)

DM: Carrier (CB-DM906/9M-PI-CAR)

EIC: Pending

PRA: Clear by parentage

DNA Profiled: #V620849

U-HR CH Whiskey Creek's Barrel Select Bordeaux JH, CD, WDQ, NW1, CGC

Red is the foundation male for the Barrel Select bloodlines.  In every aspect, he is the paramount example of diversity being handsome, extremely biddable, and talented.  Not only was he owner handled to his championship with limited showing, but Red is actively training and competing in hunt tests, obedience trials, and canine scent work (  We have always felt that given the opportunity, there is very little that Big Red could not accomplish.


During the hunting season, Red is Todd's best hunting companion in over twenty years; he will happily dig out even the most difficult of retrieves.  His short, thick coat have allowed him to never know a cold day even in some of New England's nastiest coastal weather.  He will work happily from a canoe, boat, blind, or natural cover and has the stamina to work a full day flushing and retrieving pheasant.  Red also has one of the softest mouths we have ever come across... he serves as quail wrangler at home retrieving completely alive and unharmed any potential escapees from the pen.


Red's personality and temperament are what make him so unique.  His extremely stable demeanor has allowed him to be the neutral dog for the rehabilitation of dogs with dog aggression  issues, as well as helping to build the social confidence of fearful or under socialized dogs and puppies.  While being true to his Chesapeake routes by being appropriately territorial and loyal to his family, he is tolerant of all animals and people.  His calm confidence, even in the face of a threat, makes him a pleasure to be around.


Red currently has his JH (AKC) and HR (HRC) titles and will be working on his HRCH/MH this summer and fall; he also has his NW1 title (Nose Work Level 1) and his CD (Companion Dog, Novice Obedience).  We expect big things from this boy in the next few years! 


Available for stud to approved females. Click HERE to view Red's pedigree and health clearances.


Watch Red below getting the first leg of his CD with a first place finish.  Watch Now!


Click HERE to see more pictures of Big Red.